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10 Million Hunters Aren’t Voting!


10 Million Hunters Aren’t Voting!

By Todd Helms

10 Million hunters, verified by hunting license sales, are not voting in national, state and local elections.

Pennsylvania alone saw over 500,000 hunters NOT vote. Are you one of them? Is someone you know one of them? 

In a day and age where hunting is under constant attack and hunting rights teeter on the precipice of being legislated away, hunters MUST get out and vote! It’s simple and easy! 

Register to vote at 

Then get to the polls and do your American duty! Take others with you while you’re at it.

Don’t think it matters? You’re wrong! 

Look at the ballot box initiatives in Colorado that have reintroduced wolves to the state and are threatening to effectively end mountain lion hunting. The margin on the wolf vote was less than 60,000… if every hunter and 2A supporter would have voted things would have been different. It CAN be different for the mountain lion hunting initiative. 

Obviously I care deeply about hunting, shooting and Second Amendment rights but they aren’t the only things at stake in our upcoming elections. 

I don’t know about you but the America I know and love doesn’t feel like America anymore. I fear for the future my children stand to inherit. I’m sick and tired of seeing things with my own eyes, feeling them in my wallet and being told they’re not happening. If this sounds familiar you MUST get out and VOTE! 

Register to vote at

America is the greatest country on earth but it is being taken from us under our very noses thanks to Americans neglecting to vote. Voting matters. Whatever it is that you care about – hunting, fishing, our crime problem, skyrocketing inflation, whatever – this is all impacted by the people we put in office. You MUST vote to protect what you care about.

To correctly quote Abraham Lincoln. . . “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

In other words, America’s downfall will come at the hands of its own citizens neglecting their God given right to vote. Get registered to vote at Go vote and take someone with you!

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