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Brand New Episode

2023 Season

Grizzly Bear Stole My Giant Bull! Bow Hunting Elk

Bow hunt elk deep in the backcountry with Dan Pickar of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals. Dan avoids several grizzly bear encounters to arrow his best public land bull yet. Saddle up and ride 15 miles to join Dan on this hunt-of-a-lifetime.

Bow Hunting Backcountry Deer with Brian Barney

Bow hunt with Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney and his friends for an early season high country mule deer on this episode of Beyond the Grid. This year, Brian was challenged with up-close lightning storm encounters, very few water sources, and stalking a buck in its morning bed.

Montana Elk Bow Hunt with Brian Barney

Go elk bow hunting with Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney in his home state. In this episode of Beyond the Grid, Brian had to rely solely on his listening skills to track bulls from their bugles because of the thick timber he was hunting in.

Outsmarting Mature Bucks: Hunting Trophy Deer

Hunt trophy mule deer with Guy Eastman and Ike Eastman in the aspen pockets and sagebrush country of Wyoming. Hunting for a mature buck takes patience and wits. It’s tough to decide if a buck needs to grow another year or if it has reached its trophy potential. When a hunter lets a buck walk, winter conditions will often decide the long-term fate of a trophy mule deer. The winter of 2023 had a devastating impact on mule deer in Wyoming. On this episode of Beyond the Grid, Guy and Ike relive this hunt and discuss the impact of the 2023 winter on generations of deer yet to be born.

Bow Hunting Mountain Goats in the Backcountry

Join Brian Barney on a once in a lifetime adventure on a backpack bow hunt for mountain goats. He travels to the rugged peaks of British Columbia to take on the ultimate challenge.

Is This Heaven?! Bow Hunting The Elk Rut

Bow hunt rutting elk in September with Dan Pickar on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. Dan is joined by his brother and good friend for an incredible experience hunting the rut. The strategy is to post up and wait over a water hole, but it’s hard to catch a nap when the elk won’t quit talking!

Find the Biggest Bulls Every Hunt

Go hunting with Guy Eastman and Dan Pickar for giant elk. Relive their best hunts as Dan shares his beyond the grid secrets for consistently killing huge bulls on public land. Adventure across the west on foot and horseback in grizzly bear country hopes of outsmarting a mature giant.

Elk Rut Hunt with Grizzly Bears

Saddle up and ride into the wilderness to hunt elk in Wyoming. Ike Eastman joins Eastmans’ staffer Luke Washington for a horseback hunt in the heart of grizzly bear country. Luke is following in the footsteps of his grandfather who killed a huge trophy bull in the same hunt area decades earlier. 

Wyoming Mule Deer Rut Hunt

Hunt late season mule deer during the rut on this episode of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid. Wingmen host Todd Helms is on a late season mule deer hunt, during the rut. Join him and Dan Pickar as he picks through a multitude of bucks to find his dream trophy muley.

Bow Hunting BIG Toms! Save Deer, Hunt Predators

Hunt mountain lions to save deer and wild sheep! Go on a bow hunt for a big tom cougar with Dan Pickar on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. Dan is joined by friends and houndsmen, Tyler Johnerson and Josh Martoglio, on this public land DIY adventure. 
2022 Season

Bow Hunting Backcountry Bucks

Hike deep into the high country with bowhunter and Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney on his quest for a trophy class, public land mule deer. It’s an early season bow hunt and there’s good potential for Brian to take a buck still in velvet. Brian uses his wealth of DIY knowledge to hunt country that’s difficult to access and has few reliable water sources on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Elk Rut Bow Hunt in the Backcountry

Bow hunt elk in the September rut with Eastmans’ Dan Pickar. With the help of horses, Dan heads deep into the backcountry to hunt from a drop camp. The action picks up quickly on this public land hunt. Dan is able to use his experience to close the deal on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Two Giants, Two Days! Elk Hunting with Grizzlies

Ride horseback deep into grizzly country to hunt elk in October on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. Two giant public land go down in less than 48 hours! See Dustin’s feature in Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Issue 193!

Bow Hunting Deer DIY with Brian Barney

Bow hunt public land mule deer with Brian Barney on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. This is a DIY hunt in the late season in Brian’s home state. Brian is the host of the Eastmans’ Elevated podcast where he shares hunting tips and strategies with a new episode each week. Listen anywhere podcasts are available.

Bow Hunting Public Land Elk OTC

Bow hunting elk on public land on an over-the-counter tag might be as tough as it gets! Dan Pickar breaks down his strategy for hunting a bull with cows on high-pressure public lands on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Bow Hunting Beach Bucks - Public Land Deer

Bow hunt Montana deer with Eastmans’ Dan Pickar. Between many young bucks and adverse weather, Dan feels the pressure in trying to close the deal on a trophy buck on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Big Bulls in Grizzly Bear Country! Elk Hunting

Saddle up and ride into the wilderness to hunt elk in Wyoming. Ike Eastman joins Eastmans’ staffer Luke Washington for a horseback hunt in the heart of grizzly bear country. Luke is following in the footsteps of his grandfather who killed a huge trophy bull in the same hunt area decades earlier. 

Covered Up in Bears! Bow Hunting Giant Black Bears

Bow hunt black bears on the ground, spot and stalk style on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. Todd Helms and Brandon Mason travel to Alberta’s famous Peace River to hunt with Wingmaster Outfitting. The area is known for growing some of the biggest black bears in North America.

2021 Season

This prairie dog hunting video features slow-motion exploding kill shots and shooting and reloading tips. Overpopulated prairie dogs spread disease such as the plague, destroy grasslands and degrade the quality of forage available for wildlife and livestock. Shooting prairie dogs helps keep those factors balanced and also provides big game hunters excellent practice for hunting seasons. Dan Pickar and his wife trim down the population of a prairie dog town in this Beyond the Grid episode by Eastmans’.

Big Bulls on Public Land
Rifle Elk Hunting

Go elk hunting for big Wyoming bulls on this episode of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid. Eastmans’ family friend John Stovall has waited 13 years for the chance at his dream hunt, a public land hunt for elk out West. Ike and Guy Eastman join John for this late season hunt in Wyoming elk country. The crew is also joined by Austen Lester of Fieldcraft Survival.

Public Land Bow Hunting | Spot & Stalk Mule Deer

Public land bow hunting for mule deer is as tough as it gets! Spot and stalk bow hunt with Justin and Dan Pickar. Justin is hunting for his first mule deer buck with a bow. It’s a DIY, public land hunting adventure shared between brothers on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Sniping Hogs with Night Vision
Hunting Texas (Eastmans')

Go hog hunting in Texas with Dan Pickar on this Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid episode. Dan puts the Sig Sauer Echo 3 thermal scope to work to spot and stalk feral hogs at night.

Would you take a frontal shot?
CRAZY Elk Bow Hunt

Bow hunting elk at the start of the rut can be wild! Things get a little western when Dan and Justin Pickar call a mature bull into their laps at 15 yards. Would you take a frontal shot? Leave a comment. It’s a brother bow hunt for a trophy bull on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

GIANT 200 inch buck!
Hunting Trophy Mule Deer

Go trophy mule deer hunting with Ike Eastman on this Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’ episode. Ike is focused on hunting for a buck that passes the 200-inch mark. He may have finally found a deer that meets that mark. Now it’s a game of cat and mouse to outsmart the mature wise old buck.

Calling in Two Bulls at Once!
Bow hunting Elk with Grizzlies

Bow hunt public land elk in the rut with Dan Pickar. DIY public land bow hunting at its best! Dan is surrounded by bugling bulls. Two trophy elk travel in to investigate his calls, and Dan’s left deciding which one to pursue. Watch the action unfold on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

Hunting Big Bulls in Grizzly Country
Public land elk with Ike Eastman

Hunt elk deep in grizzly bear country with Ike Eastman. It’s a public land DIY hunt in a limited quota elk hunting area. An early fall snow storm adds an extra challenge to the bow hunting season.

High country hunt for a 200 inch giant!

Go mule deer hunting for a 200-inch giant! This public land high country hunt is a grind. Using llamas Scott Reekers and Brandon Mason hike into the high country for public land mule deer hunt. They located a monster buck on a scouting trip, but will they find it again on opening day? Watch this episode of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid to find out!

2020 Season

Bow Hunting Open Country Bucks
Self-filmed DIY Mule Deer

This is a DIY public land mule deer bow hunting adventure! Join Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney as he hunts for an open country buck with his good friend Dan Heavrin. They both have licenses to tag and are working together to get it done on this episode of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid.

Late Season Elk Hunt - DOUBLE kill!

Elk hunting in the west is what dreams are made of! Go bull elk hunting in Montana and Idaho during the late season. This Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid hunt is packed with laughs! Dan Pickar tags along with friends to harvest two nice bulls.

Mountain GOAT with a BOW!
Backcountry Hunting

Hunting deer during the rut and late fall migration is rare! Tag along on a late season public land mule deer hunt.

Public land bonanza! Elk hunting DIY

It’s non-stop bugling action during the elk rut as Eastmans’ Brandon Mason chases Wyoming elk in this DIY, Public Land adventure. The bulls are screaming and Brandon has multiple encounters with rutted up Wapiti. Watch as Brandon’s son Hunter takes his first bull on a snowy opening morning. 

RARE Winter Range Buck Hunt!
Late Season Mule Deer Hunting

Hunting deer during the rut and late fall migration is rare! Tag along on a late season public land mule deer hunt.

SCREAMING bulls IN YOUR FACE! Bow hunting elk, public land DIY

Go bow hunting for public land elk during the rut! Eastmans’ Dan Pickar is surrounded by bugling bulls on this early September DIY bow hunt. When it come to bow hunting, you just never know what can happen! Dan proves that on this backcountry hunt.

How to Survive a Bear Attack!

Black bear or grizzly, both are dangerous. Don’t be caught off guard when you’re hunting, hiking or camping in bear country. Dan Pickar takes a deep dive into the different options for self defense in the woods.

2019 Season

Cats Vs. Dogs Bow Hunting
Mountain Lions

Guy Eastman is bow hunting big cats! Tracking down cougars means hunting with dogs. Trained dogs are used to track down and tree a mountain lion. Arrowing an angry cat is a serious challenge when its cornered 30 feet up in the protection of thick limbs. This fair chase hunt gets more than a little western when a cornered lion makes a great escape into a road culvert. It’s cats vs. dogs on this new episode of Beyond the Grid!

Bowhunting Montana Public Land Elk

Public land bowhunter Jordan Breshears covers country to arrow a herd bull in Montana. This DIY hunt is packed with ups and downs, literally, as Breshears uses elevation to his advantage to locate elk and avoid other hunters. Elk hunting public land takes persistence and grit to get the job done, especially when bow hunting.

DIY Deer Hunting Public Land
First Wyoming Buck!

Go deer hunting on Wyoming public land with a father and son team. Hunter Mason is on a DIY hunt for his very first mule deer buck. This 13 year-old was lucky to draw a hard to get limited quota Wyoming mule deer tag. The duo has to put onXhunt to work when muddy roads limit access on checker board public land. Mason makes his dad proud with a one-shot kill on a great 4×4 mule deer trophy.

Elk Hunting with Grizzly Bears

Hunt elk in the thick of grizzly bear country with public land hunter Brandon Mason. Hunting elk DIY is challenging in its own right. When you’re constantly checking your back track for a grizzly, the hunt reaches a whole other level! Mason finds himself in the middle of an early September rut fest and comes face to face with a six-point bull. It’s a man vs. elk. vs grizzly on thisDon’t miss this episode of Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans’!

Prairie Dog Hunting

One shot = THREE prairie dogs down! Don’t miss this Montana prairie dog hunting extravaganza. This prairie dog hunt features slow motion kill shots, digiscope close-ups and a rare prairie dog triple kill. A group of hunters works to remove prairie dog pests from private grazing lands in this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’ creators of Eastmans’ Hunting TV.

Texas Sheep Massacre

Go sheep hunting in Texas with Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’. Dan Pickar takes to the desert mountains on an eradication bow hunt for aoudad. Invasive aoudad, or barbary sheep, compete with native desert bighorn sheep for feed and habitat. The state of Texas wants to remove these pests and reintroduce desert bighorns. Dan and his buddy Steve-O head south to battle the heat and put some hurt on aoudad. Off season hunting gives these hunters a chance to hone stalking, shooting and bow hunting skills for fall big game seasons.

Helicopter Bow Hunt - Elk​

Climb on a helicopter for an archery elk hunting trip! Hunting checkerboard public land takes creativity. Bowhunter Dan Pickar drops into elk camp from above with the help of a helicopter. Armed with a Mathews Triax, Pickar has both elk and deer hunting licenses in hand ready for any opportunity that presents itself. Swirling winds blow an optimum deer stalk, but on the way back to camp Pickar encounters a trophy bull and is quick to capitalize on the opportunity. After a double-lung hit, the bull practically dies at Pickar’s feet on this Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’ webisode.

Hunting High Country Deer

Ike Eastman and Eastmans’ staffer Scott Reekers are ditching the heavy backpacks for llamas on this DIY public land high country mule deer hunt. These hunters are retracing the footsteps of Mike Eastman, Ike’s father, in this Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’ webisode. Hunting backcountry bucks with horses is challenging in mountain basins with little water. The llamas prove to be a low maintenance solution and entertaining to boot. Early scouting and patience work to their advantage when a week long hunt wraps up on day three.

My First Bull!

Hunt public land elk with John and Dan Pickar. John is after his first bull elk after decades of big game hunting. The father-son duo has to compete with other DIY hunters, but patience and persistence pays off. After several days of locating average bulls, they glass up a true giant! But they have to hustle before the opportunity slips away. John threads the needle to seal the deal on a once-in-many-lifetimes monster bull. It’s an unforgettable father and son hunting adventure on this webisode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’.

2018 Season

Record Book Wyoming Speed Goat, A DIY Western Antelope Hunt

Travel north to the vast public lands of Alaska with Brian Barney and Brandon Mason to chase caribou! This episode of Beyond The Grid TV shows the hard work and determination needed to get it done in the North Country!

Public Land Deer And Elk Hunting In Montana

FULL EPISODE! Rifle hunting on the public lands of Montana, the bread and butter of Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans’. Hunters John Pickar and Todd Fedor head out to Eastern Montana to hunt mule deer and elk on your public lands. Anyone that has hunted with their dad will find this episode right up your alley. Leave us a comment if you have great memories hunting with your dad!

Bowhunting Backcountry Monarchs - A Public Land, DIY Mule Deer Hunt

Take to Wyoming’s public land with bowhunter Dan Pickar on a DIY backcountry mule deer hunt on this episode of Beyond the Grid. Pickar is bowhunting a new area in hopes of turning up a high country velvet buck. After two hard winters, Pickar is pleasantly surprised by the velvet deer, a mountain monarch, that he glasses up. Hunting the high country has it’s challenges, physical and otherwise, but Pickar overcomes and finishes with an heart-pounding archery mule deer harvest.

DIY Wyoming Elk Hunting - Guy Eastman Hunts Public Land Elk

Hike into the public land of Wyoming with Guy Eastman to hunt elk in October. Eastman is hunting DIY style in an elk unit he has hunted before. He locates a monster bull near the end of bull season, but is forced to back out before closing the deal. Can he relocate the monster during the October rifle hunting season?!

CARP HEAD SHOTS! Bowfishing Carp - Slow Motion and More!

CARP BEWARE! Bored big game hunters Dan Pickar and Todd Helms take their bows to the water for summer fun! Watch countless carp meet their ends in slow motion and aerial kill clips. Plus, too many head shot carp kills to count.

Kids, Guns and Hunting! Moms Take Kids on DIY Hunt

Go afield in Wyoming with two hunting moms and their kids as they each pursue their first trophy antelope. For Christine Schlenker this will be her young son’s first time tagging along on a hunt. While Melanie Bennett must manage a pair of teenagers and put the crosshairs on a nice pronghorn buck.

WORLD RECORD Class Marco Polo Ram - Hunting in Tajikistan with Guy Eastman

Travel halfway around the world to hunt for a “gold-medal double” on giant Marco Polo rams with Guy Eastman in Tajikistan. Eastman and family friend, Bryan Martin hunt a giant world record class marco polo ram near the border of Afghanistan. To harvest a giant marco polo ram in Asia, hunters must overcome extreme altitudes, barren terrain, and must match wits with one of the most elusive and cunning big game animals on the planet. Hunting for giant Pamir rams is not for the faint of heart, and to hunt them on foot in a spike camp at 16,500 feet during November is more than most hunters can muster. Watch to see how these two mountain hunters challenge themselves in one of the toughest climates on earth to try and bring home one of the largest and most coveted big game prizes in all of the world. This Marco Polo sheep hunt is a dream three generations in the making for the Eastman family. Nearly 60 years in the making, Beyond the Grid TV heads to the nearly uninhabitable Pamir mountains of Tajikistan in this episode.

Bowhunting Elk with Grizzlies - Wyoming Wilderness Elk Hunting by Eastmans

Bowhunt elk in the heart of grizzly bear country in this episode of Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans’. Bowhunter Dan Pickar travels deep into the wilderness of Wyoming to chase bull elk in early September. Hunting in grizzly bear habitat has Pickar taking extra precautions. Learn tips and tricks for staying safe and successfully hunting elk in grizzly bear habitat.

2017 Season

Bowhunting Hawaii - Training Grounds, A Bowhunter's Paradise

Bowhunter Dan Pickar shares his off-season bowhunting strategy. Hawaii is a hunter’s paradise hosting a target-rich environment with abundant opportunity for shot repetition and practice. Hunting feral pigs, goats and incredibly quick axis deer helps a bowhunter hone their skills for fall hunts.

Giant in the Mist - 374" B&C Bull Elk Hunt

Hunter Dan Netluch finds himself in elk heaven amidst the rugged western Montana hills. Surrounded by bugling bulls, Netluch, at first, has a hard time picking a target. Watch him take a monster 370-class bull in this Eastmans’ exclusive hunt. This hunt is the first in a new online docu-hunt series, Beyond the Grid, showcasing bow and rifle hunts from around the West and beyond.

Prairie Dog Armageddon! Tannerite Explosion - Montana Prairie Dog Hunting"

Go prairie dog hunting with hunter Mike Crenshaw in Montana on a private land prairie dog town. Slow motion kill shots, digiscope close-ups and and prairie dog tannerite explosions are all featured in this episode of Beyond the Grid. Join Crenshaw and his hunting partner John Pickar as they remove varmints one “gutsy” kill at a time.

Monster Whitetail - B&C Buck

A dealer’s choice public land deer hunt shared between lifelong hunting partners. Does DIY hunting get any better? It can and it does when a B&C whitetail buck appears after days of scouring country. Two trophy bucks hit the ground in this latest release from Beyond the Grid TV.

Record Book Wyoming Speed Goat, A DIY Western Antelope Hunt

Takes to the sagebrush hills of Wyoming with hunter Mike Crenshaw and Dan Pickar. Pickar and Crenshaw have been hunting together for almost a decade. This is the pair’s first trophy antelope hunt. The pronghorn buck they turn up is no slouch.

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