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To Eastmans and the TagHub Crew, thank you for the awesome Mathews V3 bow! I am relatively new TagHub user and 2021 will be my first year hunting on land that I researched using TagHub. I found the ability to filter within the map function very helpful. For example, I can easily select “species", “weapon", “residency", “sex" and then see all the units that are available and the "trophy forecast". From there I can change the theme from "trophy forecast" to say “terrain difficulty.” Since I am a backpack hunter I will often use the “terrain difficulty” and “% of wilderness” to help avoid ATV’s and crowds. The TagHub Blog is also great with both tips and great hunting stories. TagHub is a powerful tool that I will be using for years to come. Thanks again TagHub!
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Eastmans' Logo

Your Source for next level hunting research and Eastmans' exclusive content

Plans start at $7.99 a month.