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Father and Son Adventure

013024_Matt _ Rich Tillotson-MD-WY-DIY-PL

Father and Son Adventure

By Matt & Rich Tillotson-MD-WY-DIY-PL

My Father and I share the same passion for hunting big game animals in the West, especially big mule deer. Since my very first buck at 12 years old, I was hooked. We both have been able to take various large bucks including a handful of 200” + bucks over the years. We have been able to find most of our success in our home state of Idaho but my father continually looks forward to the years where he can hunt Wyoming. This year was the first time we put in together and drew. Our expectations were high but we truly had no idea the adventure we were about to embark on.

Our busy schedules didn’t allow for much summer scouting and we found ourselves diving into the season relying on only a few days scouting, Google Earth and onX to guide our first trip. After five days of hard hunting we found ourselves returning home on a low. This was going to take some serious effort and commitment to find and kill a nice buck. After planning and regrouping for a second trip during the last part of the season we headed back to Wyoming.

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