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Alaskan Moose Double

020624_Merritt Fore-MOOSE-AK-DIY-PL

Alaskan Moose Double

By Merritt Fore | Moose-AK-DIY-PL

Looking back, God had a plan for our DIY Alaskan moose adventure. Our first two trips were in the mountains NW of Anchorage: 2016 yielded a nice black bear and many lessons. In 2017, we accomplished our goal with a nice 56” bull. We thought our Alaskan experience was complete, but during a lunch meeting my hunting partner, Tommy Permenter, and I decided we needed to try it again. 

This time we contacted Papa Bear Adventures in Bethel, AK and put our names on their list. After receiving an email that we were not selected for the 2020 season we switched gears and booked an Alberta mule deer hunt, but months later I got a call from Aaron with Papa Bear that one of their groups canceled and we were next on the list.  After a few phone calls our Alberta trip was postponed (due to COVID that trip would have been canceled anyway), and we started planning for our third DIY moose hunt.

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