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WILL Power!

112823_Shane Davis-ELK-ID-DIY-PL

WILL Power!

By Shane Davis-ELK-ID-DIY-PL

After once missing out on getting an elk tag due to them selling out, I wasn’t about to let that happen again. I purchased my non-resident elk tag as soon as they became available, securing my hunting opportunity.  I talked with my hunting partner Dave (who also locked up his tag) and we began scheming for our archery season. 

With the application season in full swing and picking up points in various states I decided to throw my name in the hat for an Idaho rifle elk-controlled hunt. Having not given it another thought I continued with making plans for the upcoming archery season. Well, as luck would have it, in July I received an email stating that I was “Successful” in my application. In all my disbelief I began to call Dave to tell him but immediately realized how this had thrown a huge wrench into our plans. All the non-resident tags had sold out again. Now I must choose, stick with the original plan and give up the draw tag or bail on my partner to hunt in a draw unit? Dave and I talked, and he was very understanding that this may be my only opportunity to harvest a bull that I have always dreamt about.

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