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Hard Work

091823_Tony Kasper-MD-MT-GD-PV

Hard Work

By Tony Kasper | MD-MT-GD-PV

“. . .a lot of work and re-training myself on how to pull through the shot and squeeze the trigger, made all the difference in the world.”  

I’ve struggled with target panic before. Maybe it was being patient or not rushing the shot. Whatever it was, I was gonna make sure that when I was out West on my mule deer hunt, I wasn’t going to go through any of it. I spent months listening to the Eastmans’ Elevated Podcast, working out, practicing target shooting daily, even if it was only a few arrows. I made sure I had all the right equipment. I had to buy new boots and broke them in taking hikes with my wife all summer. You name it, I did it. So, when I spotted a really good buck 700 yards away with my binoculars, the first day of my five day hunt, I knew I had what was needed to fill my tag. 

This buck looked to be a really nice 3×4 with good eyeguards. I was archery hunting so it was going to be a lot harder to sneak into position on larger bucks but I wasn’t gonna compromise. I had to catch a closer look at this potential shooter. 

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