Woman Killed By Elk

By Andrew Gillett

For the first time in the history of the Grand Canyon State a woman has suffered fatal wounds from an apparent elk trampling. Elk have been known to frequent yards in the neighborhood where the attack occurred, Pine Lake. Located in the Hualapai Mountains outside Kingman the area is located in Game Management Unit 16A. According to multiple news reports, feeding is believed to be involved as a bucket of corn was located near the woman when she was discovered unconscious in her yard. Elk tracks throughout the property lead the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) to conclude an elk was the perpetrator. 

Feeding wildlife has become an issue in many communities throughout the state. So-called “Town Elk” often lose their natural caution around humans as they begin to develop food association. The saying “A fed bear is a dead bear” has long been used in mountain communities. In many locations in Arizona the reverse may now become true of those accustomed to feeding elk. Throughout Central and Northern Arizona elk have become adapted to urbanized areas and are often found wandering down streets and parking lots. This incident should draw awareness to the issue and empower AZGFD to more actively enforce game feeding laws.

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