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The Answer is Always what's the question?

By Brandon Mason

On a positive note when compared to most BLM news, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) recently posted an article titled Once-In-A-Generation BLM Investment Sets the Stage for Habitat Improvements Across the West.

“On May 31, the Bureau of Land Management announced a $161 million investment in ecosystem restoration and resilience work…on 21 different landscapes across 11 western states.”

Included in the list are Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

“The Bureau of Land Management’s significant financial commitment will benefit local communities across the West, while boosting fish and wildlife habitat and our sporting traditions,” said Joel Webster, VP of western conservation with the TRCP. “The BLM has needed these resources for a long time, and TRCP is excited to see these dollars hit the ground in the form of beneficial management projects.”

Click on the link to TRCP’s post above to see specific details per state on projects being planned. Looks like good stuff!

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