Role Reversal

By Randolph McLean-ELK-NV-DIY-PL

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Randolph McLean. I grew up hunting in Lovelock, Nevada. I started hunting when I was 10 years old, chasing chukar through the hills with my dad. I have guided big game hunts for Nevada High Ridge Outfitters for the last eight years. 


As the bull started down the slope, I double-checked the different ranges in my shooting lanes. There was only one real good lane in front of me. It was almost like an alley, with a tree at 43 yards, another at 35 yards and the closest at 22 yards. The bull started heading to the right of us, so Matt and Danelle moved to another tree, behind me and to the left.
At this time, I could just start to see the antler tips moving through the juniper trees out in front of me. I knew the bull was about 80 yards out . Matt blew on the cow call, and the bull started heading straight for my shooting lane. Before I knew it, I could see the rack of the bull behind the 35-yard juniper, and he was heading straight for my lane.
I drew back the bow while down on my knees to avoid a tree limb that was hanging over me. I watched the bull come from behind the tree and start walking directly at me. The bull suddenly stopped around 25 yards and was staring directly at me. My lane was tight, and I knew that if I waited for him to turn, I could miss my opportunity…”

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