Kryptek Sonora | Hooded Shirt

As I am writing this America is in the midst of pulling out of Afghanistan. It has been horrific to watch as American civilians, American servicemen, and American allies are left behind and fighting to get out. Yesterday, 13 Marines along with a bunch of other people were killed in a bombing. One of those Marines was from a family that my family knows very well here in Wyoming. As this all happens I am trying to get ready for the hunting season that is upon us. As I start to pack clothing I am reminded that we all need to support those that we share beliefs, integrity, values and ethics with. Kryptek is a veteran-owned company. They are firm believers, supporters and defenders of the 2nd Amendment (2A). They are ethical hunters that understand “trophy hunting is conservation” and do their part to help conserve the hunter’s way of life. This is one of the many reasons we partnered with them on this year’s gift subscription campaign. This year we are offering the Kryptek Sonora Hooded Shirt if you give three gift subscriptions (one can be your renewal) we will send you this special addition “Sonora Hoody” with the Eastmans’ Logo on it free of shipping and handling. 

The Sonora Hooded Shirt was built to be used as a base layer or the only layer if you are hunting in hot, dry environments, like the Sonoran Desert or the hills of Afghanistan. This is a great piece to keep the sun off you while keeping you concealed in the shadows. The Sonora Hoody boasts a UPF 50 sun protection and the Kryptek Cooling System to keep you cool while you are hiking, glassing the desert landscape or just taking that midday rest. This hoody is constructed from an antimicrobial fabric that will allow you to wear it multiple days and still go home and hug your loved ones. 

As we all know, noise out in the field is a huge concern. Even the quietest zipper in the world still sounds VERY loud when you are hunting on a calm quiet day. That is why Kryptek went back to a traditional button closer for the Sonora Hooded Shirt. It does have a zipper for the chest pocket to ensure your valuables are safe and secure and there’s a built-in microfiber cloth to help clean the dust off your optics. 

As you can see this piece is very well thought out and functional. If you are heading on an early season hunt check this piece out at, you get free shipping on your first purchase or you can give three Eastmans’ subscriptions and get one free.

Good luck this fall and I hope you get to #RedLineTheFunMeter!

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