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Eastmans’ Deer Collective Virtual Course

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Eastmans' Online Mule Deer Course*

The goal of this video course is to make you a better mule deer hunter no matter if you’re a seasoned vet or just getting your feet wet. Your teachers, Guy Eastman, Dan Pickar and Brian Barney, have more than 80 years of combined experience chasing these iconic deer of the West. Those years of experience are put to work for you in this course. The Eastmans’ Mule Deer Course contains over 100 videos that are continually being updated and improved, providing you with mule deer hunting information found nowhere else. You will learn everything you need to become the best mule deer hunter you can be. From finding trophy mulie bucks, to stalking, shooting, field care and gear to scoring and E-scouting, this course is a step by step blueprint to tagging your best buck yet!

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