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Horse Creek Buck

070124_Allen Holmes-MD-WY-DIY-PL

Horse Creek Buck

By Allen Holmes | MD-WY-DIY-PV

        I was on a plane bound for Kentucky for my daughters’ wedding on the day Wyoming Game & Fish posted drawing results on their website. When I landed, I noticed a couple voicemails and “call me ASAP” text messages from my good friend and long time hunting buddy Mike. I called him back and learned that we had drawn our deer tags. After applying for ten years, we had drawn coveted Wyoming late season mule deer licenses, my holy grail of deer tags.

        Our area included the entire upper Wind River drainage. The Absaroka Mountain Range rises to the north to over 13,000 feet above sea level. To the south are the mighty Wind River Mountains, topped with Gannett Peak (Wyomings’ highest point), at 13,802 feet. The area varies from high desert sagebrush hills, cliffs, and rock formations at lower elevations, to snow capped mountains, rising from lush evergreen forests. A variety of wildlife call this place home. It is not uncommon to see moose, elk, deer, or antelope here, and you may run into black bears, grizzlies, wolves, or badgers. The upper Wind River country is a pristine mountain environment, in all its spectacular glory. Land ownership consists of Bureau of Land Management, State, National Forest Service, Wildlife Management Areas, and designated wilderness areas. The upper Wind River drainage is rough, unforgiving, and beautiful, it is one of my favorite places…and most of it is public land.

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