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Finding More Elk | The World’s Shortest How-To


Find More Elk: The World’s Shortest How-To

Getting to know your elk area.

By Guy Eastman

 Elk are where you find them – the end.

This seems like a bit of a joke and it is to some degree, but there is also some very solid truth built into this short and overly simplified statement. Elk are roamers and need plenty of open, varying country to roam in. Over the past 25 years I have found elk in some very obscure and off-the-wall places. For instance, I once found two big bulls in a fight to the death while antelope hunting over 30 miles from the nearest pine tree. On another occasion, I found a herd of elk while turkey hunting in the tobacco country of Eastern Kentucky. While hunting ibex in the Altai Mountains of northern Mongolia I even shot at a jet-black wolf that was stalking a 360-bull. While these may be extreme examples, I think you get the point, but if not, the point here is you just never know exactly where you might find a big bull elk, even within the confines of your hunting unit.

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