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Father & Son Tradition

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Father & Son Tradition

By Levi Seibert | ELK-CO-DIY-PL

For 360 days a year, I look forward to the annual hunting trip with my dad. This is something we have been doing since I was old enough to hike in the cold and not complain too much – it is our father son tradition. Those five days in the woods are the highlight of my year, not just for the thrill of the hunt and the pursuit of game – there have been years where it’s just a camping trip and we never even see an elk. Despite that, it is still a great time because I am able to spend it with my dad. 

My dad has taught me everything I know about how to hunt and what it means to be a Godly man. Even though two states separate us, we still make time to get to the mountains every year. Since there’s only two of us, we alternate tags.Two elk for two guys is a lot of work, especially as far back and as rough of terrain as we usually hunt. Last year was his tag, so that meant this year it was my turn to carry the rifle as we pursued elk in the Colorado high country during the first rifle season.

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