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This category can only be viewed by members.

“Staggering Disease” Found In Colorado Mountain Lion

In a News Release just posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), they confirmed the first finding of rustrela virus in a mountain lion in ...
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Is Your Hunting Spot Burning?

2023 was an unusually wet and delayed summer for many places across the West, leading to the lowest number of acres burned by wildfire in ...
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Cloud 9

After harvesting a cow elk, bull moose, mule deer, multiple antelope, black bear, and a mountain lion...
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10 Million Hunters Aren’t Voting!

10 Million hunters, verified by hunting license sales, are not voting in national, state and local elections. Pennsylvania alone saw over 500,000 hunters NOT vote. ...
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The Tent Buck

It all starts with the Western Hunting and Conservation EXPO. A couple of friends and I decided to give...
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General Areas Inhabited by Gray Wolves in Colorado – June Update

Collared gray wolf activity recorded by CPW from May 21 – June 25, 2024. [Here] is an updated map just published by Colorado Parks and ...
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Eastmans' Wingmen Videos

Hondo's First Hunt! Duck Hunting

Hunt ducks with Wingman Todd Helms and Hondo, a @SouthernOakKennels British Labrador Retriever. Strong training foundations are key to long term success when starting a new dog. Todd followed along with Barton Ramsey’s @cornerstonegundogacademy. This is Hondo’s first hunt at one and half years old. Todd sets his dog up for success by limiting this hunt to one shooter and a single 5-bird limit.

Eastmans' Beyond the Grid Videos

Grizzly Bear Stole My Giant Bull! Bow Hunting Elk

Bow hunt elk deep in the backcountry with Dan Pickar of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals. Dan avoids several grizzly bear encounters to arrow his best public land bull yet. Saddle up and ride 15 miles to join Dan on this hunt-of-a-lifetime.

Eastmans' Journal Edition Podcast
Eastmans' Elevated Podcast
Eastmans' Life of a Bowhunter
Eastmans' Predator Pros Podcast

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