Streaming Offline Maps on OnX Hunt

Going into the field without up-to-date maps is really inexcusable in the world we now live in.  onX has made it so easy to save maps for use offline. No service in remote areas? No problem! There are 2 ways you can have the maps you want right on your phone when you’re not in cell phone service:

onX Hunt Streaming Offline Maps

Downloading direct to your phone | While in good cell phone service, tap on Offline Maps on the bottom of your screen. Then tap on the New Map button in red. Select the area you want to download, give the map a custom name by tapping in the Name box, select the map resolution you want (the larger the range you can view, the lower the quality of the map), then click Save at the bottom.  Once the files are downloaded and you are in an area with no phone service, tap on the Offline Maps at the bottom of your screen, then tap the Go Offline button and you’re all set! The best part is that these are now saved to your onX account so when you are using a different device, your offline areas are already at your fingertips.

Maps cached (pronounced “cashed”) to your phone after viewing them online | This is the least sure way of viewing your maps offline, but it usually works great. Before going offline, view all of the areas in onX that you’ll want to view when offline, making sure all of the layers are turned on you want to use. These areas will automatically cache to your device and you can view them offline, no downloading necessary. However, there is a chance of not being able to view them if you restart your device, and they won’t be available in your account if you change devices as they would be by downloading them in option 1 listed above. Dan Pickar did a great video tip on this method. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera app to watch!

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