Kenetrek Bridger Low hikers

By Brandon Mason

I love these hikers! I was fortunate enough to test the first generation of Kenetrek’s Bridger series when they first debuted a few years ago. I was a fan of the first generation Bridger hikers and am even more impressed by the updated version.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love lightweight footwear. Heavy mountain boots are necessary at times and are necessary for some people with ankle problems, but for me I love the performance of their lightweight cousins. However, there is such a thing as too light and too flexible so I’ve learned from experience that I can’t let that pendulum swing too far the other way.

The Kenetrek Bridger Low hikers may be that perfect blend of lightweight hiker with robust mountain boot. The outsole is the patented Kenetrek KT-light outsole, which gives enough to stalk quietly and grabs the terrain underfoot to ensure great grip and stability. 

I noticed the new Bridger Low has a stiffer midsole than the original Bridger hikers for better torsional stability, yet are still more flexible than a stiff mountain boot. Their appearance is one of a trail hiker shoe but they’re built for much more performance in rough terrain than just trail hiking. 

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the lacing system. Many lightweight hikers I’ve tested have a lacing system that is hard to snug up and keep that way because the laces slip when you’re tying them. The Bridger Low hikers have a lacing system that stays locked in place when you’re lacing them up, reducing the need to adjust the tension on the laces as the day progresses.

For added durability and prolonged footwear life, Kenetrek protects the hikers with a ¾ rand and a heel guard.

Of course, as with all Kenetrek footwear, the Bridger Low hikers come with Kenetrek’s Supportive Footbeds (insoles), an added value of $49.95.

As an added bonus, they look good for wearing around town with casual clothing and are comfortable enough to wear everyday. They are sold at many retail stores and are also available on the Kenetrek website for $250.

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