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Idaho OTC tag sale starts today!


Idaho OTC tag sale starts today!

By Jordan Breshears

December 1st marks a significant day for Nonresident hunters wanting to pursue Idaho’s  OTC deer and elk. This date of significance meant very little a few years back, however, the past two years have confirmed a high demand for Idaho’s coveted OTC deer and elk tags and these permits have sold out unbelievably fast. If the dawn of this new era has taught us anything I would say realizing supply and demand is more of a ‘thing’ than most of us considered prior. Sadly, this is ringing true for us hunters as well. On one hand it’s a blessing because the popularity and heritage of our sport is strong out West and these numbers along with many other factors indicate a healthy hunter population which is awesome! But everything is a double edged sword and we can see the ‘good ole days’ in our rear-view mirror and that hits hard for many of us. Nonetheless, just like limited draw, if you want the hunt you have to play the game and that is just what needs to happen if OTC Idaho is on your list for 2022! Today, December 1st at 10am sales begin, however, you need to be there at 9:30am when a virtual waiting room is accessible and allows you to sign in and wait. Then at 10am (Mountain Standard Time) you will be RANDOMLY assigned a place in line. When your number is up you will be directed to your customer account and will be able to buy a license and tag by clicking on the tab on the upper left corner of your account page that should say ‘Buy a License, Permit or Tag’. After you have selected your tag(s) you have 20 minutes to check out so make sure you have everything ready prior to 10am. Idaho_OTC_Screenshot2

  • Idaho recently changed their nonresident tag allocations. What was previously a state-wide blanketed quota has been narrowed and reduced to a unit-by-unit quota that is limited to 10-15% of the total resident hunters per unit. Thus attempting to spread out the hunting pressure and preserve hunting quality.
  • The new nonresident limits do not apply to ‘capped elk zones’.
  • Licenses and tag are available online, via phone at 1-800-554-8685, at any license vendor location or at IDFG regional offices.
  • Be familiar with the regulations! Have a plan A and a plan B in the event your unable to buy your primary tag. To view nonresident deer and elk quotas visit Idaho Fish and Game’s website.
  • Make sure you can sign in. Visit and verify your account early.

Good luck! Checkout your TagHub stats, get online and let’ er buck! Keep us posted and be sure to send pictures and stories!

-Jordan B.

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