Photo Credit: David Ruh

Deceit and Trophy Hunting In Colorado!

By Todd Helms

Deceit & Trophy Hunting two things you wouldn’t normally think go together but the anti-hunting groups behind Proposed Initiative 91 in Colorado are hijacking the term “Trophy Hunting” to mislead the voting public into believing that mountain lions and bobcats are inhumanely tortured, murdered and then left to rot after a few pictures are taken. 

Obviously nothing could be further from the truth but the anti’s voice is loud and the general public is uneducated and will be easily swayed by the loudest voice… that voice needs to be ours, the hunters and trappers who are true shepherds of North America’s wildlife. 

Coloradans For Responsible Wildlife Management is leading the fight against Proposed Initiative 91 but needs your help! Please go to their website to see how you can best fight this deceitful attack.

It is not too much to say that the future of all hunting in Colorado and eventually North America is at stake. 

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