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AZ Game and Fish Big Game Draw Update - URGENT!!!

By Andrew Gillet

Arizona recently informed applicants to make sure credit card information for their application is still up to date. The deadline for making any changes is 11:59 PM on June 19. This means that the next morning successful applicants should see a charge on their account statement for the amount of the tag, less the application fee.

For quick reference those amounts are:

Resident Deer – $45

Resident Bighorn Sheep – $300

Resident Bison – $1,100 bull, $650 cow/yearling

Non-Resident Deer – $300

Non-Resident Bighorn Sheep – $1,800

Non-Resident Bison – $5,400 bull, $3,250 cow/yearling

During the elk and pronghorn draw Arizona processed a small batch of credit cards early the morning after the credit card update deadline, followed by another batch later in the afternoon. So keep those apps handy and your eyes on those account statements throughout the day on 6/20.

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