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2018 Eastmans' Trophy Deer Tour


Aug 10-12
Sportsman's Warehouse, Missoula MT
Aug 17-19
Sportsman's Warehouse, Bozeman MT
Aug 24-26
Sportsman's Warehouse, Casper WY
Aug 31-03
Sportsman's Warehouse, Sheridan WY

I grew up in Michigan where hunting and fishing was a family outing to put food on the table. These early outdoor experiences grew on me and I loved spending time outdoors.

My first career was as a locomotive engineer for the Chessie System Railroad. While hunting and fishing with fellow workers, I traveled west in the early 1970s to hunt elk, deer, and antelope. During this time I fell in love with Montana, hoping some day to be able to live there.

In 1984 the railroad offered a buyout and a 20-year pension. I subsequently moved to Seeley Lake, Montana.

It was in Seeley Lake that I met Dick Idol. Over a beer one night he asked me if I would like a job traveling with his deer collection, which featured the “Hole-in-the-Horn” buck, to hunting shows back east. He said that most shows are in the winter so I would have summers to fish and the fall to hunt.

Now my second career was off and running. I have traveled over two million miles on 90% of all the major highways in North America, doing over 600 shows in 200 different cities, spanning 46 states and Canada.

Wow, what a life adventure it has been. A dream career, meeting thousands of great people, hearing and recording their hunting stories, measuring thousands of trophies, and traveling with some of the greatest deer and elk trophies in North America. I have also had the opportunity to write two books, “Greatest Elk” and “Great Deer of the West,” each one recording many of the great hunting stories out there.

Now I am starting year 30 – boy does time fly when you’re having fun.

For over 20 years now I have been with the Eastman family and Eastmans’ publishing. They produce two of the best western hunting magazines as well as a great TV show. It has been a pleasure to part of their company, and I thank them.

I also want to thank my wife, Karen, for juggling her traveling lifestyle in the winter to make all of this possible, so we can fish all summer and hunt all fall.

– Roger Selner