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Gem of a Ram

Idaho, DIY, Public Land

Gem of a Ram - Micky WaymireApril/May 2014 EHJ (Issue 142) - We headed up the trail and the farther we got, the worse the terrain was for the horses. By dark, we had never felt so ashamed of taking a horse anywhere like that before. The horses were tired, sore and had nicks and scrapes all over them. We set up camp, let the horses eat and had ourselves a bite to eat.

The next morning we were up before daylight and headed up a ridge to hopefully find the rams. We sat and glassed until noon and didn’t have any luck. We covered a lot of great sheep country the next couple of days and only saw a ewe and lamb on day one and two rams in the 130-140 class the next day, not what I was looking for.

With 12 days left in the hunt I was starting to get frustrated in not being able to find a shooter ram. As we got into camp one night, my brother and I decided I would go do some spotting before dark and he would take care of the horses. As I was glassing, I looked to the top of the ridge and there they were, six rams feeding over the top! I didn’t get a real good look at them, but I was excited and couldn’t wait until morning.

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Hardcore Field Test
Hardcore Field Test

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