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The Bundy Bull

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The Bundy Bull - Jim EggartDecember/January 2014 EHJ (Issue 140) - My son and I snuck into the area where we heard the bull bugling the night before. We had set markers out to assure that we could find our exact location when light broke the next morning. As we approached the ridge that we were going to use as an exit route my son checked to see if the wind to see if it was in our favor. Unexpectedly, just a few yards down the ridge, the loud echo of a bugling bull drifted up from the bottom. My son and I looked at each other, smiled and snuck out of the area.

Even though we were glad to hear the elk herd talking back and forth, the bull that we had named Bundy hadn’t showed himself. We continued down the ridge, hoping to stumble into area that he calls home.

We watched two 6x6 bulls go at each other for 30 minutes as they tried to exert their dominance over each other. There weren’t many cows with these two bulls, so my son and I thought that we had somehow snuck in on a smaller, secondary herd that the Bundy bull wasn’t managing.

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Hardcore Field Test
Hardcore Field Test

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